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What’s in a name?

Coming up with a name for our new company took a while and a flip chart full of crossed out possibilities. Beautiful Everything arrived out of a conversation about the scene in American Beauty where a plastic bag blowing in the wind is captured on film as an articulation of how the beautiful and fascinating can be found all around us in everyday objects and moments of wonder. We are interested in how beauty can be found in the most unexpected things. We’re interested in how technology and digital experiences can help find that beauty and bring it to life; how beauty has a fascination through revealing some sort of human truth or insight, and makes people want to spend time experiencing it and reflecting upon it.

In this world of ever faster evolving technology and media, holding any of your audiences’ attention seems increasingly difficult. Standard advertising and brand communications are less and less effective. Against this backdrop there exists enormous potential for brands to create natural emotional connections through meaningful experiences with their audience. We help to identify where best to improve people’s relationship or experience with your brand. Then we find ways to create beautiful experiences that form part of the brand story to help customers stop and reassess their relationship with the brand. Beauty in everything. Beautiful everything.