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Visual Athlete – Product development

Client: Visual Athlete

Sector: Sports performance and design

Project: Design innovation, entrepreneurialism, product development

Visual Athlete is a start-up brand co-developed by the Beautiful Everything team and 2 other partners. Its origins lie in our passion for using data to tell stories and create emotional experiences. We’ve previously worked with clients to enhance the value they gained from a sponsorship relationship by using sports data to create shareable, interactive experiences. We’re also personally huge fans of data art and the emerging world of data visualisation and the interface between art, design, technology and experience.

Our vision with Visual Athlete is to make beautiful things using sports data. We’re creating a platform where data designers and artists can share and sell their work. And developing new ways of celebrating sporting performance of capturing sporting memories. For us it is also a great way of sharpening our entrepreneurial skills and applying the principles of start up business building to create a new brand and shape a new category.