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Mercedes-Benz Vans – Research & strategy

Client Mercedes-Benz Vans

Sector: Automotive

Project: Research

Mercedes-Benz Vans UK deliver a premium product and service through a wide-reaching network of authorised dealerships and workshops across the country. Whilst they are able to maintain control of their own service delivery and brand standards, ensuring this same level of service delivery and brand values are delivered through the approved network of workshops is a more complex proposition.

We conducted a wide ranging qualitative research project across the UK to gain a better understanding of the authorised workshop networks’ service delivery needs and challenges, to ensure that the Mercedes-Benz Vans marketing team could deliver the best service possible to their workshop partners.

The research unearthed some of the issues faced by the workshops and established a clearer understanding of how best to refine some of the service delivered by Mercedes-Benz Vans UK headquarters, ensuring all van customers received the best possible communications around the benefits of being a Mercedes-Benz van owner.



The insights gained from the research now help drive how their creative agency, Storycatchers, deliver some of the communication materials to workshops. Ensuring that the relationship between brand and partner business is strong and led by genuine insights and clear understanding of each other’s needs.