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Jet Engine Cutaway

Manufacturing innovation – Brand strategy

Client: Not disclosed

Sector: Rapid innovation

Project: Strategic consulting, brand strategy.

This client has some amazing stories to tell. Their unique approach to rapid innovation and enterprising business acumen has helped leading global brands excel in sectors where the smallest margins make the winning difference. Their company history is littered with innovation and achievement.

They’d reached a stage in their development where they sought to build on this legacy and consolidate their shift from being a company with its roots in a specific sector to a company known for innovative and leading edge products in any sector. They knew that their brand experience and the content used to support this move, will play a major role in driving this shift.

We worked with them to shape their brand strategy and define the remit and requirements of their marketing in the future. We undertook an in depth immersion in the organisation, conducted a detailed inspiration audit and shaped a 3 year brand experience plan designed to help them achieve their ambitious goals.