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Just for Pets - Title Image

Just for Pets – Brand Redevelopment Research

Client: Just for Pets

Sector: Wellbeing

Project: Brand Redevelopment Research & Strategy

The pet shop sector has changed dramatically over the last two decades, with the market in the UK being dominated by one particular supplier and often the sense of the local trusted pet store seems to have vanished from the market.

Just for Pets is a chain of local pets stores that had lost its way a little over the last few years and was starting to show some signs of neglect. Last year (2017), Just for Pets was purchased by a family run pet business, Pedigree Wholesale, that believed the stores could be operated with that local pet store quality of service and knowledge, strong positive values and on a regional basis.

After a competitive pitch we were awarded the work of helping them on this journey. Our task was to help them shape their strategic vision and market position through market and customer insight, helping form the foundations for a new brand to develop.

Initially we wanted to explore the pet market and outside of the sector to find what service excellence could look like. What were others doing to deliver great experiences? What could we learn from developing retail trends that could be applicable to their evolution? This was conducted as desk research and produced a trends and market view report.

In tandem, we conducted a first round of interviews with existing staff and a series of focus groups with recruited existing customers and potential customers to try and establish what their current experience of the organisation was, who are their customers and what are their needs, to help shape a thematic approach to the strategic development of the brand and their potential future experience delivery through the stores.

This work allowed us to create a number of core customer profiles (user needs, perceptions and habits) and a series of thematic areas for creative and experiential development and market positioning.

A brief was written for the selected creative agency, m360, to start the process of creating a new brand identity from an informed perspective.

A second round of interviews, focus groups and strategic development followed using the initial creative routes that had been created by m360 – to test customer feedback in alignment with the insights gained from the first round.

Just for Pets - In Store

The final strategic presentation that was delivered provided a clear creative direction for the agency for final development of the brand identity, but also a clear space in the market for Just for Pets to focus their attention on in terms of service and product delivery.

Will Baggaley (Head of Group Marketing) on the project:

“The insights we gained from both customers and non-customers during the project allowed us to make informed decisions about the brand development that will shape strategy for years to come. Beautiful Everything provided us with clear strategic direction from market trends, internal staff feedback and the focus groups, helping us to shape a new brand experience as a team. This allowed the partnership with m360 to work more effectively during the creative development phases. The outcome has been a brand that we’re delighted with and a stronger confidence in the strategy behind its redevelopment.”

The delivery of the project complimented the appetite from within the business to achieve service excellence based on genuine customer insights and needs. Equally, it was great to work in collaboration with creative partners, m360, to deliver a truly excellent brand evolution.

We’re delighted with the outcome and believe that the insights provided will differentiate this brand in the market from the competition and provide customers with a new and rewarding pet partner to help them navigate the world of pet ownership and the wellbeing that can be gained from that.

You can see their new brand in action here: