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HOME – Experience Design

Client: HOME

Sector: Arts and culture

Project: Experience Design and audience development

HOME is a sector leading artistic venue, combining cinema, theatre and art gallery under one roof. Born from the merger of the Cornerhouse Cinema and the Library Theatre, this state of the art venue houses some of the leading creative minds of the UK and is a showcase for culture talent from across the globe.

HOME Mural

Since opening its doors HOME has achieved and surpassing all of its audience number targets; but not satisfied with these results the organisation was keen to continue to grow and develop their audience further, with the aim of establishing itself as a leading global arts venue.

HOME appointed Beautiful Everything to conduct an experience design consultation, to help them to establish how they could achieve their goal of audience satisfaction excellence and strategic audience development targets.

The consultancy work we completed involved a staged methodology, allowing us to grow our understanding of the organisation, its values and aims as the project progressed, informing and shaping the final output.

An initial round of key stakeholder in-depth interviews were completed, to gain an understanding of where the management team might believe there was room for improvement and to unearth any potential organisational challenges that might inhibit the possible outcomes of the consultancy work. These interviews ran in parallel to a sector and trend audit, combining desk research with hands-on research at other sector venues. In addition, HOME shared their organisational strategic objectives for the coming years, to allow us to align any outcomes with the these targets.

The insight gained from this initial work, allowed us to form an objective view of the key audience persona, framing current audience member profiles, but also potentially less reached audience profiles that could help achieve some of the diversity targets that the organisation had set itself.

From the initial work and persona profiles, a round of secret shopper visits occurred at HOME, providing us with crucial external insights into the current customer experience and where they might face friction in their audience experience. The secret shoppers conducted their research over the full length of the experience life cycle, from initial awareness, through physical experience of the building and its programme, through to recommendation and return visits.

These insights were pulled together for a series of internal workshops conducted at HOME with a broad range of staff at the organisation, ensuring we involved all potential touch points between audience and experience delivery. We shared with the internal teams the research to date, to inform, shape and develop experience maps for each of our audience profiles.

The output from these workshops and the research allowed us to create an experience status report that identified key areas for development within the organisation over the coming years. The report was broken down into organisational areas, identifying the challenges and risks (estimated financial investment, time etc.) that might be associated with each of these areas and collating supporting insights and research specific to the development subject, with the aim of making the output actionable as quickly as possible.

It was a fantastic project to work on, providing us with some genuine insight into one of the UK’s most exciting cultural institutions and some intriguing audience insight around the culture sector.