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Focus Workshop

One of the key services we provide is workshop facilitation to establish greater focus around a subject matter or proposition, or to develop a rough idea into a project or product of substance and structure.

We offer an initial workshop session to start this process or to provide you with enough focus to carry this forward yourselves for a reduced rate.

We’ll provide, once supplied with a rough brief and some supporting insights, the following:

  • a half day desk research around your subject matter
  • a workshop with two consultants in attendance to facilitate and participate
  • a written review of the session, including all desk research and other input, with any conclusions established in the session summarised

This service can be used for:

  • Assisting with pitch processes for agency or organisational tenders
  • Redefining a proposition around a service or product
  • Product innovation refinement ahead of funding applications
  • Strategic definition around marketing or product development
  • User experience refinement

We’re happy to either work behind the scenes for agencies, providing a white label service, or in partnership with organisations or businesses. We’re keen to provide support to the cultural sector and will offer a further reduction for your workshop if we believe the output will assist/benefit in the provision of cultural services or products – get in touch to find out more.

The reduced workshop cost is £1,000 per workshop. This can be attended by up to 4 attendees (additional attendees can participate but further costs maybe incurred). Requires one week notice for planning (in most circumstances) and the post workshop report will be provided within a week of the workshop.



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