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Client: AMRC

Sector: Manufacturing

Project: Brand content

Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre is at the heart of shaping the future of industry and manufacturing in the UK and beyond. Their Factory 2050 project provides a sandbox environment for companies to work with some of the finest minds in engineering, robotics and computing to prototype new manufacturing processes, to shape the production lines of the future.

Overarching these credentials as leaders in manufacturing innovation they are part of an even bigger story. Industry4.0 ( or the fourth industrial revolution refers to the convergence of big data, cloud computing, the internet of things, and advanced manufacturing techniques to allow businesses to develop flexible production lines and shift from large batch production processes to being able to efficiently deliver bespoke products at scale.

When they convened an industry 4.0 conference at their Factory 2050 HQ it felt like an amazing opportunity to be part of telling the story as well as creating it. We worked with Factory 2050 to generate a portfolio of video content to capture the event and extend the experience to those who couldn’t attend. The “live” experience went way beyond the usual “sit and listen” style of conference. Interspersed between talks exploring everything from ways in which world leading companies like McLaren and Airbus are shaping Industry 4.0, implications for data security and even how an ethical approach to employment can aid value creation, delegates got to experience new technologies in a hands on way. From virtual reality manufacturing to modular production lines, robotics and data driven factories to projection mapping tools and automated construction methods, delegates got to interact with elements of the factory of the future.

Our video storytelling aimed to share all these elements. We shot footage capturing everything from the richness of the presentations to high level viewpoints on industry 4.0, the expertise and knowledge shared by the specialists running the interactive demos and the voices and insights of the delegates themselves. And used this to create a series of edits allowing people to experience the event and gain their own insights in anything from bit sized chunks to fully immersing oneself in the experience.

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