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BoomBeam – Product Development

Client: BoomBeam

Sector: Cinema and festivals

Project: Digital experience design, platform development, user interaction, audience & sponsorship development, organisational effectiveness, entrepreneurialism and start ups, product development

One of our founding principles at Beautiful Everything is that brands should say less and do more. We’ve always sought to demonstrate that by going beyond communications to building products, tools, services and content that enhance the brand experience rather than just talk about it.

BoomBeam is a joint venture between BE’s founders and 2 more partners. Its origin lies in working with a local film festival and asking them “what problem can we solve to make a better experience for your audience”. The first answer to that question was to transform the experience of voting at the festival. Paper based voting was rife with abuse by filmmakers, time consuming and did nothing to extend the experience beyond the act of voting. We developed a simple, easy to use web tool that allowed viewers to rate the films in the screenings they had seen and delivered recommendations for other films they would like based on their preferences.

Enhancing the experience by solving that initial problem let us begin to see the potential for using digital technology to enhance the user experiences at film festivals, seasons and events in a whole range of ways. By spending lots of time at the festivals themselves and exploring audience and organisation needs before, during and after the festival we’ve generated rich insights to build what is now a specialist platform designed for a specific purpose. The platform now helps in many ways, from making it easier for the organisers to run and manage the film experience, to helping audiences find the information they need at the right time and in the right place ensuring they too have a better experience.

By creating BoomBeam we’ve designed a bespoke tool designed to enhance brand experiences that is tailored to the needs of the film communities that use it, but also gained invaluable experience in the challenges that start-ups face and innovation.